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Why a Podcast?

Why a digital radio show? Find out why podcasting makes my vision & mission unique.

Episode #031: Sexuality, Identity and...

Episode #031: Sexuality, Identity and Hearts of Men Film with Jason Pamer *Listener discretion is advised. This episode is rated Explicit (PG-13) due to language and content involving sexuality, lust, fornication, and pornography. Parents of minors, please use discernment as to whether your teenage sons or daughters are ready for this dialogue. Hearts of Men film: […]

Your MISSION, should you choose to ac...

I grew up loving the early Mission Impossible T.V. shows. Action. Adventure. Twists. Double agents. Spies. Secrets. Impossible missions. And those classic scenes of receiving their mission from a tape or phone call that would end in a mini explosion: “this mission will self-destruct in 10 seconds.” Perhaps the part that always surprised me, and […]

Ep#30: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Churc...

Ep#30: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Church But Not Jesus – Part 4, Q&A

In this final part four Rob and I answer listeners’ questions and discuss depths of topics more: identity, leadership, church and money.

The Hole in Our Great Commission, Par...

In Parts 1 and 2 of kicking off this new series, “Missional Identity”, I argued that the hole in our Great Commission is the oft neglected call of Jesus to “behold” His incarnational ever-present reality with us on mission. A mouth full to say the least. In more simpler words, Christianity as a whole often […]

The Hole in Our Great Commission, Par...

In Part 1, I argued that the hole in our Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is an oft neglected word we miss due to our focus on the other words. A 5th word that is not just as important as the other actions Jesus’ demands, but may even be THE most important. It’s the word: BEHOLD. […]

Verge Atlanta 2016: Live Blogging and...

Hey guys and gals, friends, fans and followers of the Missional Man Podcast and blog! As many of you may know, I and a team of guys from my local church family are attending the first ever Verge Regional conference in Atlanta, Georgia April 21-23. And it’s followed by the first ever Saturate the World […]

Early Release: Jeff Vanderstelt, Miss...

An early release of my chat with Jeff Vanderstelt about his story, living on mission and his new book Saturate.

The Hole in Our Great Commission, Par...

What were the charges in Jesus final words? Go, make, baptize and teach. But what about the 5th and most unused action, “behold”? What do we behold, why do we behold it and how do we behold?

Thoughts on Anger & the Mission

*(my use of “anger” in this post refers primarily to sinful, out-of-control anger not righteous indignation or justifiable anger; which I’m convinced most of us humans no little to nothing of, save from the example of Jesus) I don’t know when I became so angry. Or how. I’m 34, live a very blessed life with […]

Ep#028: Sherri Wilkerson, Done with C...

Ep#028: Sherri Wilkerson, Done with Church Not with Jesus Pt 3

Listen to how Rob and Sherri love each other so well despite being on very different sides of the road through this spiritual journey.

Can you love the Church AND dislike h...

Is that even the right question to ask? I don’t know. So I ask it. In my most recent episodes where I interviewed my good friend Rob Wilkerson on what it means to be “done with church but not with Jesus”, I have seen nothing short of a firestorm. Which to me indicates we’ve hit […]

Ep#027: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Chur...

Ep#027: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Church Not with Jesus Pt 2 of 4

In Part 1 Rob and I hit on a nerve with listeners and broke records in downloads. Part 2 continues Rob’s story giving more details and personal context for why he’s Done with Church but never done with Jesus.

Episode #026: Aaron Clayton, Send 201...

Episode #026: Aaron Clayton, Send 2015 Debrief

Aaron Clayton and I hear his unique testimony of coming to Jesus and his church planting story. His love for the mission and his church is refreshing.

Ep#025: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Chur...

Ep#025: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Church Part 1 of 3

Repeat guest and good friend Rob Wilkerson and I discuss his story in and out of the traditional institutional church and life as a so called “done”.

Episode #024: Brent Williams, Send 20...

Episode #024: Brent Williams, Send 2015 Debrief

Brent and I discuss the journey of church planting and the real superheroes behind it: family.

Episode #023: Freddy Valcarcel, Send ...

Episode #023: Freddy Valcarcel, Send 2015 Debrief

Freddy is a church planter, pastor of New Beginnings Baptist Church or Iglesia Nuevo Comienzo in Caguas, Puerto Rico, married for 26 years, 5 kids (2 sons, 3 daughters), loves Jesus, is passionate about church planting and training other leaders, has a unique story and background, knows logistics, served in the U.S. Marine Corps and left due to an injury, has an amazingly cool accent and is an all-around nice guy. You’ll love his story and his passion for the mission.

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Jesus wants us to master finishing, and finishing well. Carpenters, like Jesus, know well what it means to finish a project.  He’ll tell you the joy that comes in finishing a project he starts. The challenge of finishing overwhelms anyone to be attracted to the sexy appeal of starting something new. My dad is a […]

Guest Blog: Syrian Refugees and Jesus...

All Christians are ex-refugees, since we are foreigners and aliens in a strange world. Heaven is our home. Earth is temporary. So how are we live and love in light of the Syrian refugee crisis? I love Rob’s simple yet powerful challenge. – Jonathan Chambers

4 Reasons Why We Refuse to Have ME Ti...

ME time is a reflection of real life. A retreat from the routine. A mobilizing from the mundane. An ostracizing from the ordinary. A departure from the daily.

Missional Means ME Time

Me time. What is it? It sounds selfish, right? Especially when it’s ingrained in your spiritual Christian psyche that life is “not about me”. Which is true in many aspects. Life is about God our Creator and is to be lived for His glory. And life is about loving other people. So if life is boiled down to two rules: 1. Love God and 2. Love others. Where does love for self fit in? Or does it fit in at all?