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Episode #001: Identity Crisis, Michael D. Perkins

 Show Notes

Since my average interview is about an hour, I will keep my show notes very simple and straightforward. They will act more as a highlight reel with spotlights rather than a complete transcript. Who has time for that anyway? Show notes will always include summary, recap, helpful quotes, tips, links, resources and a brief synopsis of the Action Round (1 Take-Away and 1 Action-Item). Enjoy!

Summary & Intro

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Michael D. Perkins (personal blog and bio) – Pastor, Husband, Father, blogger, author and Jesus-dripper (huh?).

Identity Crisis – 21-Day Devotional: 21 Days to discovering Who God Says You Are (buy book for $2.97)

Michael’s interview on Identity Crisis with his good friend K.C. Procter of the Dad Life Rules Podcast. This interview is the primer to what inspired me to talk to Michael to. Michael and K.C. have a great rapport together and their conversation adds some different elements to mine and Michael’s conversation.

Recap & Synopsis

Church Mag Press published Michael’s devotional book

The following notes are quotes from Michael and I:

“It came about with my own feelings of inadequacy in not feeling good enough or smart enough. From my own story of discovering what God said about me.”

“From now on, you’re life is going to be perfect. The next day, I got the tar beaten out of me at school. I thought to myself, ‘this Jesus character isn’t real.'”

“Start seeing her (my wife) change.”

“She kept showing me love and grace.”

“I started reading all the red words to see if they were real.”

“I was flooded with His love and grace. He replaced those feelings of fear and self-loathing with the feelings He had for me.”

“A lot of it stems from my childhood. Growing up had a great childhood. Knew my father loved me but spent first 20 years of my life before he even told me that. Spent that time trying to earn his approval.”

“Can’t do anything to make God love me less than He does right now. That’s a very liberating experience.”

“When we understand who we are, what He says about us, it changes everything: your approach to life, the way you walk…because I know that He loves me, made me in His own image, when you realize that it permeates your whole being.”

“She got a brand new husband.”

“It changes the way you live and perceive things.”

“It’s almost like our identity crisis is an argument we have with God. We tell God who we think we are and He says ‘No this is who you really are, who I say you are'”. (Jonathan)

“Instead of saying ‘I’m defined by what I do’, God says I’m defined by what He has done already for me.” (Jonathan)

“Most of what we see is what people allow us to see, their highlight reel.”

“It’s easy to compare ourselves to others. There’s always someone better than me.”

“We tend to think ‘there’s something wrong with me’, but that’s not always the case it’s just the way God has wired me.”

“The more I tried to be like him (pastor) the more it created distance between us.” (Jonathan)

“What you do doesn’t define who you are but reveals who you are.” – unknown (Jonathan)

“When it comes to identity crisis, people define themselves by what they do, their tasks, hobbies and careers.” (Jonathan)

“A lot of us put our self-value on what we do.”

“A lot of people say ‘I’m just this ______. I’m just a lawyer, or accountant, doctor, teacher. You’re not just anything. You’re who God says you are. We are so much more than just those things.'”

“Defining yourself by your career can lead to a lot of floating through life because careers change.”

“We want new shiny thing, we get bored in life.”

“Don’t get too caught up in what other people say just remember I love you and God loves you and that’s all that matters.” (Michael quoting his wife)

“I want my listeners to join me in an adventure through your 21-day devotional.” (Jonathan)

“I think multi-tasking is a fallacy anyway. I have to be laser-focused.”

Action Round (1 Take-away & 1 Action-Item)

1 TA (One take-away for YOU think about)

“What it boils down to is who you are comes from who God says you are. What He says and nothing else really matters. When we start to understand the way we live changes.”

Nothing else really matters.

1 AI (One action-item for YOU to go do.)

“The devo book has an action prompt each day. Share what you read each day with someone else in person or via social media. Tell someone about it.”

“C.S. Lewis said our joy is made complete when it is brought forth into praise. What we find our joy in we praise. Our joy in God is not completed until it brings forth into praise. We praise what we enjoy. That praising of it fulfills our enjoyment in it.” (Jonathan)

Connect with Michael

On the web michaeldperkins.com

On Twitter @michaeldperkins

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