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Episode #004: Missional Identity, Caesar Kalinowski

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Summary & Intro

caesar kalinowski

Caesar Kalinowski – Christ-follower, Husband of 32 years to his High School sweetheart, Dad of 3 kids (son, 2 daughters), Co-founder of Soma Communities, Director/Founder of GCM Collective, Church Planter, Missional strategist, kingdom entrepreneur, author. Hails from Tacoma, Washington and now lives in Manhattan NYC. Caesar is passionate about seeing the church return to her God-given identity of a called out people on mission. People who focus on Gospel, community and missional living where God has called them. Caesar and I discuss his book, “Transformed: A New Way of Being Christian” and connect the dots between our identity and the mission God has called us to.

Recap & Synopsis

Caesar Kalinowski and I talk about how keeping our eyes focused on the mission God has called us to helps us find our identity in what truly shapes and defines us: God Himself! We explore the tendencies of every Christian to be shaped by things we do instead of what God has done, by programs instead of the person of Jesus. We are the church, not we go to church. It’s an emphasis on being instead of doing. The being then informs what and why we do what we do. Listen in and be empowered, equipped and encouraged to find your identity in the missionary God so you can live more intentionally on mission. This conversation was very encouraging and enlightening. There’s a lot of one-liners to pull out from Caesar. He has a wonderful story, refreshing perspective and an exciting call to return to who we are in Christ. Enjoy!

*The following are my favorite top quotes from Caesar and I. Use them freely and widely, but please offer credit where credit is due. Thanks.

ShowNotesEp004MissionalIdentityCaesarKalinowski(full show notes in pdf)

What I used to believe was the lie ‘do=be lie of the church’. If you do these things now you’re a Christian or pastor. The truth is we were created in the identity of a triune God.

Missionaries are not just people who go “do” something. Our missional identity is primarily who we are not what we do.

We take on false identities based on the lies we believe. (Jonathan)

It used to be about packaging, systems, processes, structures, work, group size, how often we meet, I’m too busy and now it’s completely different conversation. But now it’s about living out an identity connected to The Identity.

Our vision is to help people really and truly believe the beauty and majesty of who God is and who He created us in His image to be.

To be missional is to have your life radically oriented around being a disciple and making more disciples. That has to happen in community.

It relates to the identity crisis of the church because the church has thought for years that their mission is A) to prove that God is right or real or B) get people saved or get them to church. Neither is true. The mission has always been to walk in the ways of truth.

Jesus never said ‘go out and start churches’ or have ‘wonderful church services’ but he said ‘go out and make disciples.’

Two ways to recognize and deconstruct where we find our identity: 1) what we measure or value our lives by, 2) what’s that thing/person/situation in life that you can’t imagine living without? (church building, AWANA, worship service, family, wife, kids, smaller house, being 1-car family, school, etc.) This will give you the root and fruit of where we find our identity, value and purpose.

*Underscore all of this to men: Guys, it’s time to put on your big boy pants. Don’t think your a super cool Christian leading the home because you get everybody to church or start a devotion. You have to be a disciple to disciple people.

Discipleship = moving from unbelief to belief in every single area of life. This will not happen serendipitously or in proxy by sitting in seats.

Action Round (1 Take-away & 1 Action-Item)

1 TA (One take-away for YOU think about)

Caesar flipped it on me and asked me what my one take away is:

Looking at myself in the mirror. I want to feel like I have it all together, like I’m working this out. I don’t want just a salve but want to ask what am I doing with Jesus? what’s my part on this mission? am I waiting for something to just happen?

1 AI (One action-item for YOU to go do.)

“What’s Next Lord” – saying Holy Spirit, what next? What’s the one next thing for being on mission? Or leading my family on mission? I don’t need a hundred steps. Just the one thing for tomorrow or next week. Just one thing.

The key: write it down and share it with somebody (friend, spouse, group of people) who will hold you accountable to obey what the Spirit tells you. Watch what the Spirit does. God always provides what He commands.


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Favorite Resource on this Topic

*Caesar did not share specific resources with me on this topic. So I thought it best to share links to his books and how you can purchase them.

Transformed (how we get to live), by Caesar Kalinowski

Small is Big, Slow is Fast, by Caesar Kalinowski

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