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Ep#009: Identity Intermission

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Identity Intermission

Everyone needs a break. Every year has 4 seasons. Long, epic movies (like long epic series, hint hint) have intermissions. I’ll never forget how excited I was when I went to a movie long enough to justify an intermission. Even if it was only a 10 or 15 minute intermission. Something about it was so nice. I think it was the combination of much needed break and simultaneous moments of anticipation and excitement for when it would start again. At the same time I needed to step away from the story, change scenery and get a breath of fresh air. But in no time, I was ready to dive back into the story. To see what happened next. To catch up where I left off. The anticipation of “what’s next” kept me engaged and interested.

So I’m taking a pause on this episode. And because I like everything to be epic, even intermissions, it’s a 44 minute pause. Yeah, I know. Sorry. But it’s more than just a 5 minute break. This is my chance to thank you, my listeners. To update you on my status so far and the success of the show. To share about a big milestone I’ve reached, with your gracious help!

Which as of 1231am typing this, I can say I’ve now surpassed again: 502 downloads!!! Woohoo!! 27 States, over 5 countries and more than 40 cities so far. And the global reach and impact is growing to 7% of my listening audience. It’s humbling and honoring to be a part of something that is spreading beyond my local town, thousands of miles across oceans and continents into the ears and hearts of others. It’s neat to think that the same interviews people in South Carolina and California are hearing, people in Australia and United Arab Emirates are hearing too. This digital age is amazing! And God is using it to empower, equip and encourage others for the mission, globally.

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Second, please give me some feedback.

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What’s your favorite part? Least favorite?

Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?

What topics or guests would you like to see me interview?

What stories can you share about how it’s empowered, equipped or encouraged you?

Recap and Highlights

I share my favorite epiphanies from the first 8 episodes of the podcast and my identity series.

What are your aha moments? What’s your favorite episode and why? What stands out to you from each show? Is the identity series helping you discover your true identity?

Identity Series Tastes

8 episodes in, I’ve got about 10 more to do. Yes, it’s a crazy long series. But think of it like your favorite t.v. show, Walking Dead, Mad Men, etc. Every show has a season or series of episodes. They all follow a general theme or story. I’m taking the same approach too. At least for now. So I will be hitting the following angles of finding your identity over the next 6-10 weeks: Identity and…

  1. Being an Entrepreneur
  2. Productivity
  3. Technology
  4. Discipling Kids
  5. Being a Dad
  6. Fatherlessness
  7. Legalism
  8. Grace
  9. Theology and Training
  10. Being Adopted by God (To Be Determined)

Is there another angle you’d like to see covered or think is pressing? Please let me know.

Future Forecast

It’s always exciting to look ahead. I’ve spent some time looking back and sharing about the present. Now I want to give you a taste of what is cooking.

I think after this Identity series is done, I’d like to head towards a topic that is also very near and dear to my heart: Fatherhood. There is a mass epidemic of fatherlessness in our world and culture. Men are neglecting their duties, calling and responsibilities. Men often leave home never to return or check out emotionally. Fathers who are absent can be as dangerous as those who are physically present but mentally absent. Disengaged. Disinterested. Distracted. Or disingenuous. Its time for men to step up. I want to acknowledge the hurt dads experience but also empower men to be courageous and lead. This may start up in May or June. Stay tuned.

I’ve also been considering doing a mini-series (2-3 episodes) on the Civil War. 2015 is the 150th anniversary of both the end of the Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Our nation in 1865 was in turmoil, panic, crisis and a state of historical significance like never before in our history. The Civil War had a massive effect on our country. And I would argue we are still suffering and experiencing the effects of the Civil War today. How it affects or politics, culture, racial tension, religion and spirituality, education, family, manhood and womanhood, the church and unity and ultimately the mission of God to go and make disciples of Jesus. I’ve always been fascinated and deeply disturbed by the Civil War. I want to shed light on some real stories of men who led in the midst of great crisis and imminent demise. Men who stepped up to the challenge and fought for the mission of faith. Men who did this in the midst of a war against ourselves. This was a crucial time. And I believe it still has lasting affects today. I want to connect those dots. What do you think? If I did this, it would be in April. Then the Identity series would pick back up and finish at the end of May or June. Thoughts?


So I’m re-inviting you again to join me on this adventure. This story I’m seeking to tell. It’s my story. It’s your story. It’s our story of discovery, identity, mission. It’s a beautiful mess of a story. It’s good and bad. Up and down. In and out. Restful and restless. It’s life. It’s crazy. But God is with us through it all. Loving us. Accepting us. Giving to us. Leading us. Growing us. Come with me. And keep coming each week as we both drink from the fountain of love and life together. The soul that drinks from Him, promises Jesus, will never. thirst. again. (John 4)


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