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Ep#021: Per Holtze, Work/Life Balance

Episode #021: Per Holtze, Work/Life Balance

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Episode Spotlight: Per Holtze

per holtze

Per Holtze – Christian, husband, dad of 4 kids, business professional, operations director at a senior care facility, former candidate for city council, community leader, entrepreneur, and all-around humble, kind family man.

Synopsis & Notes:

We can work toward excellence but we can’t solve all of it.

God will take care of the results of our work.

When it comes to family, you can’t get to quality time without some quantity time.

God doesn’t always provide the way we want Him to, but He certainly is known to be faithful. If we can trust in Him maybe we can stop chasing things we don’t need to chase.

Even my dad’s rest is spent exercising his mind.

It’s super easy to brush past our wives when it comes to work/life balance. So what role does your wife play in helping you find that balance?

How does the work/life balance flesh itself out with kids? (22 minutes)

Climbing the corporate ladder can become an idol when it replaces our family. We need to ask tough questions at that point.

We need to show people that family is great. It’s fun to have kids and love your wife. There is joy in that.

Idols are revealed when people are living to work instead of working to live. (Jonathan)

Our idols reveal what we are treasuring in our hearts. How we spend our time communicates something to our family and the people watching our lives.

We’d rather be poor and together as a family than be rich and live in roommate mode (Jonathan).

Practical Resources and Helps

LinkedIn Profile

Avoid some books that set us up for the wrong expectations. Have to be careful of the messages we put into our mind. I don’t have a great resource right now but maybe later.

Action Round: 1TA & 1AI

1 Take-Away (thought, summary, recap)

Most recently God has put something on my heart. As a Christ-follower I’m not afraid of dying, but sometimes I’m afraid of life. But I can’t be, that doesn’t make any sense. When I have that fear of life I tend to make poor decisions. So don’t be afraid of life. You only get one shot at it. Invest in your family. Don’t be greedy. Set boundaries for time and finances so you can have a fulfilling life.

1 Action-Item (action, step, application)

Don’t try to escape life. Be present and accountable to work AND home. When you’re at work, work. When you’re at home and with your family, be with them. Be present. When people see you’re there with them and care for them you’ll get a lot more out of it. Be focused on being present.

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