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Episode #031: Sexuality, Identity and Hearts of Men Film with Jason Pamer

Episode #031: Sexuality, Identity and Hearts of Men Film with Jason Pamer

*Listener discretion is advised. This episode is rated Explicit (PG-13) due to language and content involving sexuality, lust, fornication, and pornography. Parents of minors, please use discernment as to whether your teenage sons or daughters are ready for this dialogue.

Hearts of Men film: to release September 14, 2017

First: The News

Hey Missional Man Crew,

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’ve picked back up the podcast mic after over a year of silence. More on why later. For today, I’ve got three exciting announcements:

  1. Never-before-Heard Interview: Episode #031 is a never-before-heard exclusive interview out of my archives: Men, Sexuality and the Hearts of Men Film with creative film producer and writer, Jason Pamer. Previously released as an exclusive local friends-only show I did as a live, online, private listening session with about five of my closest buddies back in July of 2015. The session spurred some powerful conversation and transforming thoughts. After two years in the vault, I am proud to share it with you guys for the first time ever.
  2. Sound Quality: Highest produced episode so far. After 30 episodes of the show, I’m excited to reveal this highly produced episode combining both interview, a guest introduction, professional audio editing and engineering from my good buddy Mark Waters (15+ years experience) as well as mixing in professional film scoring and music from Executive Producer, Writer and Composer Tony Anderson of the Hearts of Men film (16+ years experience).
  3. First Episode of a New Chapter: In the spirit of relaunching and refreshing, episode 31’s quality of sound and content will capture the new season I’m preparing for. Look for new releases of archived, never-before-heard interviews, new discussions to come, new speakers and guests and new approaches to both my style of conversation, topics to focus on and angles to take. I am entering a phase of experimentation, discovery and exploration. I hope you’ll join me for this exciting new adventure. It will all lead up to an exciting, BIG announcement in January 2018! Stay connected so you can be in the know.

Second: The Podcast

Episode #31 will hopefully rock your world as it did mine on so many levels. First, it’s my first episode focused on a soon-to-be-released film (Hearts of Men). Second, it’s an incredibly candid and vulnerable talk on sexuality, lust, identity and the depths of our heart struggle to be loved by God and satisfied most in Him. Third, Jason Pamer is a humble guy, incredibly creative and a compelling storyteller. I have been anticipating this release for two years now. I can’t wait for you to experience it!

Below, you can listen to the episode or click the link to download it in iTunes or Stitcher Radio. However, I would recommend the easiest and most convenient way is to subscribe in the Apple Podcast App or Stitcher Radio app; it will automatically download the latest episodes for you. Also, you’ll see some questions to interact with as well as ways you can get involved with the film’s promotion, showings and helping raise the final funds in prep for its September 14, 2017, release (at select theaters).

Concerning quality, you’ll notice I loop in some powerful music from composer Tony Anderson, executive producer, writer and composer of Hearts of Men. I also looped in the audio version of their six minute official trailer from 2015 after my introduction around 5:45.

Third: The Film

I had the exclusive honor along with a handful of people to actually preview the film in its entirety back in early 2017. One word: WOW! The quality of the film, the storytelling, the interviews, the gut-wrenching tragedy, the soul-stirring moments, the suspenseful flow and the stunningly beautiful film score make for a powerful film experience. I can’t wait for you to experience the film too on September 14, 2017. I think it will spur lots of conversations, create important dialogue, and open up some closed doors among men about sexuality, lust and our view of God’s love for us despite our struggle. I also think it may spark a movement towards choosing to say no to low-hanging fruit that doesn’t satisfy our hearts and instead say yes to what ultimately satisfies the deep longings of our soul: our good, good Father.

Finally: Next Steps…

Jason will share some ways you can get involved to support this film project and vision. Below, I share some practical ideas too:

  • Pray – as with anything, we can ask God for help and for His blessing to be fruitful and bring Him honor.
  • Spread the Word – share the trailer and film release on social media, in your circles of friends, family, work and church.
  • Host a Screening – finally, consider hosting a private screening in your home or organization. Or, reach out to your local theaters and encourage them to pick up the film. Gather groups of people or lists of excited viewers to prove the local interest.
  • Share Your Experience – after seeing the film with some guys, set aside time to talk about the film, it’s affects on you and then share your experience with others.



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