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4 Reasons Why We Refuse to Have ME Time

Might as well cut to the chase. Especially since this is not profound.

Last time, I talked about why living a mission life means having ME time.

This time, I want to share 4 reasons why YOU and I often refuse to have ME time.

4 Reasons Why We Refuse to Have ME Time

1. I’m too busy.

Seriously? Did you just say that out loud? You don’t have time? The reality is the same for all of us, if we’re brutally honest: we make time for what we want to do. And if you’re too busy for any ME time in your crowded calendar, you’re way too busy. How did you even have time to read this unprofound post anyway? Ha! Caught ya!

2. I don’t need it.

Really? Well nice to meet ya Bruce Wayne. It’s true that not everyone is exactly the same. Sure, some of us may not need as much ME time or as often as others. And maybe some of you need ME time that looks vastly different from another. The point is, we’re all human. We all need time together and time alone. Solitude is simply part of being human.

3. It’s not how I’m wired.

Who said anything about being wired anyway? Maybe you’ve got some wires crossed. Maybe you’re plugged in to the wrong outlet. It’s time to unplug. I’ve talked to guys before who say ME time is more for type-A, OCD, highly organized achievers and not the average Joe. I disagree. I don’t think personality really has anything to do with it. Regardless of your personality bent or where you fall on the Meyers-Briggs model, a regular routine of ME time (customized to you) is standard protocol. Across the board. And I don’t think sleep technically counts either. ME time requires specific carved out time to be awake and aware. Sure, it can even include a private moment in the bathroom, a long drive in silence or a cathartic walk in the park. The point is, ME time has little to do with what type of person you are. We all need time to ourselves.

4. I don’t know how.

Oh but it’s so easy. It can be taught and caught. There is hope. Come with me. I hesitate to hold your hand; but I do want to help you. ME time is not meant to cause stress. It’s not wrapped in picturesque idyllic perfectionistic utopianisim (can you use all those descriptive words at once?). It’s a reflection of real life. A retreat from the routine. A mobilizing from the mundane. An ostracizing from the ordinary. A departure from the daily. The how, where, what, when, who don’t matter really. It’s the why that matters. Just try some solitude in different ways. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before. Take a different road home. Turn the radio or podcast off. Shut your phone down. Turn the lights low. Go for a stroll. It’s simple and easy. It just takes practice.

What Would Your Ideal ME Time Look Like?

I’d love to hear it. Comment below or hit me up on Facebook over at the Missional Man Podcast Facebook page. And remember, your ME time can be as often as you want it to be. I’ve heard of people taking ME time every. single. day. Yep. Every. Even if it’s 10 minutes.

Try it. Let me know.

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