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Episode #026: Aaron Clayton, Send 2015 Debrief

Episode #026: Aaron Clayton, Send 2015 Debrief


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Episode Spotlight: Aaron Clayton, Waxahachie, Texas

 aaron clayton


From Episode #23 with Freddy in Puerto Rico to Episode #26 with Aaron in Texas  you’ll hear unique stories of real church planters on the ground of true grit ministry. Real life. Real people. On mission for God.

Aaron Clayton – Aaron is married to Charity (10 years) and they have 3 kids together (including an adopted child). Aaron has a very unique testimony story of how he came to know Jesus. I know you’ll also love Aaron’s heart for being the church and doing church a little different from many mainstream evangelical churches. His story and heart are contagious. Enjoy!

You can follow Aaron on Twitter @aaron_clayton

Learn more about Aaron and Charity’s church – Remedy Church

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