Missional Man Podcast
Tools for the modern Christian man.

About Me

Who Am I?

Hi. My name is Jonathan Chambers.

I’m  33-years-old (yes I’m a Millenial, but apparently one of the oldest), I love Jesus, my best friend and beautiful wife of 10 years, my 2 favorite little people in the universe, my 2 daughters, and I love people. I own a family business with my dad, am a hopeless romantic entrepreneur, worship leader for my church, a blogger and now podcaster, an idea guy and I love music, art, film, technology and nature.

Who Cares?

I started this podcast because I want to help other Christian men. Yes that assumes that these other Christian men need or even want help. I think they do. No, in fact I know they do. Why? Because I’m one of them. So actually, I guess I started this podcast mostly for me. I need help being both a Christian and a man.

I can only speak best to the people I understand most. So whether you’re 22 or 62, as long as you’re a Christian man this podcast is for you. The issues I’ll deal with, topics I’ll discuss, stories I’ll share, people I’ll interview will all deal with what it means to be a man who loves and follows Jesus Christ. Yet on the other hand, because I’m a Millenial, my style, personality, ideas, opinions, perspectives, interests, tones and approach will be more for men in their late 20s to early 40s. That’s just who I am. My goal is not to reach everyone, that’s impossible. And my vision is not to be relevant or applicable to all Christian men in their 20s to 40s either.

I simply want to help guys like me who love Jesus and are loved by Him and want to live more intentional lives for the mission God’s called them to. To put your life into the greater context of life. Your story into the Big Story of God’s plan of redemption. Your mission and vision into God’s Mission and Vision. To help you make sense of the mess of life. To give you greater purpose and value. To help you see your true self for who God made you to be.

I can’t do that. Only God can do that miraculous work. But I can tell you my story along the way. Share my adventure with you. And let you hear the stories and adventures of others too.

Will you join me? I’d love for you to. Please do. And let’s go together into the mission of God to what He’s called us to.