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Your MISSION, should you choose to ac...

I grew up loving the early Mission Impossible T.V. shows. Action. Adventure. Twists. Double agents. Spies. Secrets. Impossible missions. And those classic scenes of receiving their mission from a tape or phone call that would end in a mini explosion: “this mission will self-destruct in 10 seconds.” Perhaps the part that always surprised me, and […]

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Jesus wants us to master finishing, and finishing well. Carpenters, like Jesus, know well what it means to finish a project.  He’ll tell you the joy that comes in finishing a project he starts. The challenge of finishing overwhelms anyone to be attracted to the sexy appeal of starting something new. My dad is a […]

Missional Minute #1: Friend of Sinner...

We’re too busy sometimes for an hour, even 30 minutes. But do you have 60 seconds for a thought, a word that will plunge you back into the massive ocean of the mission of God? Yes you do. Unbuckle. Get out of the car. And run!
#1: Friend of Sinners. Jesus’ popular, ironic title. Do you carry this title too?