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Episode #033: Sho Baraka – Fort...

Sho Baraka of Humble Beast, Forth District, and Terminus Collective shares his testimony and vision for engaging culture on mission. #iammissional #lifeonmission

Your MISSION, should you choose to ac...

I grew up loving the early Mission Impossible T.V. shows. Action. Adventure. Twists. Double agents. Spies. Secrets. Impossible missions. And those classic scenes of receiving their mission from a tape or phone call that would end in a mini explosion: “this mission will self-destruct in 10 seconds.” Perhaps the part that always surprised me, and […]

Thoughts on Anger & the Mission

*(my use of “anger” in this post refers primarily to sinful, out-of-control anger not righteous indignation or justifiable anger; which I’m convinced most of us humans no little to nothing of, save from the example of Jesus) I don’t know when I became so angry. Or how. I’m 34, live a very blessed life with […]

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Jesus wants us to master finishing, and finishing well. Carpenters, like Jesus, know well what it means to finish a project.  He’ll tell you the joy that comes in finishing a project he starts. The challenge of finishing overwhelms anyone to be attracted to the sexy appeal of starting something new. My dad is a […]

Missional Means ME Time

Me time. What is it? It sounds selfish, right? Especially when it’s ingrained in your spiritual Christian psyche that life is “not about me”. Which is true in many aspects. Life is about God our Creator and is to be lived for His glory. And life is about loving other people. So if life is boiled down to two rules: 1. Love God and 2. Love others. Where does love for self fit in? Or does it fit in at all?

6 Dangers of Practical Application, P...

Practical application is good and necessary for us to move from theory to practice in our lives. But do we depend on it too much for the solutions to our problems and issues? Is that overdependence teaching us to trust others over God? Is it stunting our spiritual growth? Learn 6 areas where practical application can be dangerous.

6 Dangers of Practical Application, P...

I think we obsess about practical application. We over depend on it. Is it stunting our spiritual growth?

Ep#021: Per Holtze, Work/Life Balance

Ep#021: Per Holtze, Work/Life Balance

How do we navigate the work/life balance men often struggle with? How do we balance being faithful with our work and our family? Too many men live to work instead of working to live while they love their wives and kids. Per and I speak very frankly about the struggles of both and how to keep our eyes focused on what matters through it all. Enjoy!

Missional Minute #2: Coffee Shop Jesu...

Jesus is very often one among many topics merely discussed in coffee shops; even by Christians. But He was never meant to be reduced to coffee talk. He is a real Person who transforms and saves. He was meant to be known. Let’s stop merely discussing Jesus and get to know Him and let Him transform our lives!