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Episode #033: Sho Baraka – Fort...

Sho Baraka of Humble Beast, Forth District, and Terminus Collective shares his testimony and vision for engaging culture on mission. #iammissional #lifeonmission

Your MISSION, should you choose to ac...

I grew up loving the early Mission Impossible T.V. shows. Action. Adventure. Twists. Double agents. Spies. Secrets. Impossible missions. And those classic scenes of receiving their mission from a tape or phone call that would end in a mini explosion: “this mission will self-destruct in 10 seconds.” Perhaps the part that always surprised me, and […]

Early Release: Jeff Vanderstelt, Miss...

An early release of my chat with Jeff Vanderstelt about his story, living on mission and his new book Saturate.

Missional Means ME Time

Me time. What is it? It sounds selfish, right? Especially when it’s ingrained in your spiritual Christian psyche that life is “not about me”. Which is true in many aspects. Life is about God our Creator and is to be lived for His glory. And life is about loving other people. So if life is boiled down to two rules: 1. Love God and 2. Love others. Where does love for self fit in? Or does it fit in at all?

Missional Minute #1: Friend of Sinner...

We’re too busy sometimes for an hour, even 30 minutes. But do you have 60 seconds for a thought, a word that will plunge you back into the massive ocean of the mission of God? Yes you do. Unbuckle. Get out of the car. And run!
#1: Friend of Sinners. Jesus’ popular, ironic title. Do you carry this title too?

Ep#007: Dhati Lewis, Identity & ...

Ep#007: Dhati Lewis, Identity & Urban Mission

In this episode, I interview Dhati Lewis. I love Dhati’s heart and vision for the church and the mission; especially his passion for living the Gospel out in an urban context. Dhati moved from Dention, TX to Atlanta with his family and 40 other people to plant Blueprint Church of Atlanta. He believes deeply that the local church is the visible expression of the Gospel in our culture. Dhati and I plumb the depths of identity crisis of men and the church, diversity and unity, urbanization and gentrification, neighborhood missiology, differences and similarities between rural and urban mission and biblical hospitality. I know you’ll be greatly empowered, equipped and encouraged by Dhati’s unique story and inspiring passion for the church, the mission and the city.

Episode #004: Missional Identity, Cae...

Episode #004: Missional Identity, Caesar Kalinowski

Caesar Kalinowski and I talk about how keeping our eyes focused on the mission God has called us to helps us find our identity in what truly shapes and defines us: God Himself! We explore the tendencies of every Christian to be shaped by things we do instead of what God has done, by programs instead of the person of Jesus. We are the church, not we go to church. It’s an emphasis on being instead of doing. The being then informs what and why we do what we do. Listen in and be empowered, equipped and encouraged to find your identity in the missionary God so you can live more intentionally on mission. This conversation was very encouraging and enlightening. There’s a lot of one-liners to pull out from Caesar. He has a wonderful story, refreshing perspective and an exciting call to return to who we are in Christ. Enjoy!