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Ashley Madison, Could’ve Been M...

But then I’m reminded of my own brokenness inside and my own propensity towards giving in to temptations of various kinds of sin. I know my heart. I know too well the heart of all mankind is to be led astray towards the alluring lies of lust and desire. So, instead of self-righteous anger and hypocritical condemning, I can only feel a deep sense of sadness for these people, their reputations, their families and marriages, their kids. And I feel a deep sense of humble relief: wow, it could have been me. My email could be on that list. Whew, how close was I to being dragged away and enticed by the sirens of destructive desire.

Protected: Sneak Peak: Men, Sexuality...

Protected: Sneak Peak: Men, Sexuality, “Hearts of Men” film w/ Jason Pamer

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