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Episode #034: D.A. Horton – Urb...

Urban church planting, ethnic conciliation, Neighborhood missiology & more.

Episode #024: Brent Williams, Send 20...

Episode #024: Brent Williams, Send 2015 Debrief

Brent and I discuss the journey of church planting and the real superheroes behind it: family.

Ep#22: Dustin Willis, Send 2015 Debri...

Ep#22: Dustin Willis, Send 2015 Debrief

On this episode of the show, I chat with Dustin Willis about his story, ask him to debrief the Send 2015 conference, hear his passion and heart for the living out the gospel in everyday life on everyday mission for God and hear about the vision, mission and future of the NAMB and the Send Network. It’s an exciting chat and I know you’ll be encouraged to live on mission too!