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Can you love the Church AND dislike h...

Is that even the right question to ask? I don’t know. So I ask it. In my most recent episodes where I interviewed my good friend Rob Wilkerson on what it means to be “done with church but not with Jesus”, I have seen nothing short of a firestorm. Which to me indicates we’ve hit […]

Ep#011: John Onwuchekwa, Identity For...

Ep#011: John Onwuchekwa, Identity Formation & Theological Training

Listen this week as John and I discuss identity and theological training. What is the purpose and function of theological training and knowledge? I based this interview with John and topic on his video entitled “Identity Formation”. In that video, John “shares his burden for theological training with the goal of identity formation rather than information transfer.” We talk about the implications of identity formation and how they relate to discipleship, the church, the mission, identity crisis, modern American Christianity today and the importance of friends who hold us accountable to our beliefs.

Ep#008: Mark Tanner, Identity & ...

Ep#008: Mark Tanner, Identity & Church Planting

How does church planting affect and shape your identity? I interview my good buddy Mark Tanner on his experience with two church plants and the beautiful mess it involves. A real, honest chat about the good, bad and ugly of church planting. How it affects your identity, ministry, security, marriage, parenting and the mission.

Ep#007: Dhati Lewis, Identity & ...

Ep#007: Dhati Lewis, Identity & Urban Mission

In this episode, I interview Dhati Lewis. I love Dhati’s heart and vision for the church and the mission; especially his passion for living the Gospel out in an urban context. Dhati moved from Dention, TX to Atlanta with his family and 40 other people to plant Blueprint Church of Atlanta. He believes deeply that the local church is the visible expression of the Gospel in our culture. Dhati and I plumb the depths of identity crisis of men and the church, diversity and unity, urbanization and gentrification, neighborhood missiology, differences and similarities between rural and urban mission and biblical hospitality. I know you’ll be greatly empowered, equipped and encouraged by Dhati’s unique story and inspiring passion for the church, the mission and the city.