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“Empowering men with truth”

Truth empowers. Lies strip us of true power. Lies paralyze. They strip us of the truth we need to live the life God has called us to. They deceive, destroy and discourage.

Jesus said, “the truth shall set you free”. I think part of that truth, namely Jesus who is the incarnation of truth (truth in the flesh), is to empower us for the mission and story of God.

There are so many lies today that we as men believe. Lies about our identity, our past, our story, our abilities and skills, our present, our future. The only remedy for recognizing these lies, uncovering them, dismantling them and leaving them behind is TRUTH.

Empowering men with truth is the main reason I created this podcast. Our greatest need at this hour is the truth of who God is, who we were and are in light of who He is and how now He calls us to live in light of that truth. This truth will transform our identity, our calling, our perspective and our whole life!

So the first place to start in our journey of living more intentionally on mission and for the mission of God is to stop believing lies and start believing the truth. That alone is what will empower us!

A good place to start are these first few foundational episodes in my series on Identity:

Ep#000 Introduction: Vision, Mission – Jonathan Chambers

Ep#001 Identity Crisis: Michael D. Perkins

Ep#002 Identity & Longing: Dan Pratt

Ep#003 Identity & Treasure: Chris Fowler

Ep#004 Missional Identity – Caesar Kalinowski

Ep#005: True & False Identity – Mark Waters

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