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Episode #023: Freddy Valcarcel, Send 2015 Debrief

Episode #023: Freddy Valcarcel, Send 2015 Debrief

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Episode Spotlight: Freddy Valcarcel, Puerto Rico

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Freddy Valcarcel – Freddy is a church planter, pastor of New Beginnings Baptist Church or Iglesia Nuevo Comienzo in Caguas, Puerto Rico, married for 26 years, 5 kids (2 sons, 3 daughters), loves Jesus, is passionate about church planting and training other leaders, has a unique story and background, knows logistics, served in the U.S. Marine Corps and left due to an injury, has an amazingly cool accent and is an all-around nice guy. You’ll love his story and his passion for the mission.

You can follow Freddy on Twitter @freddyvalcarcel

Freddy offered up his personal, direct line if you feel led to connect with him that way. Very gracious of him: 787-567-5204

Synopsis & Notes:

On this episode of the show, I continue my brief 5-part mini-series on church planting, the mission and the Send 2015 conference. I am so excited to continue this series, especially with today’s release where I chat with Pastor Freddy Valcarcel about his story, ask him to debrief the Send 2015 conference, hear his passion and heart for the living out the gospel in Puerto Rico; a culture ripe with legalism, broken marriages, broken homes and people who trust in religion. I know you’ll love Freddy’s unique story, his awesome accent and his authentic spirit.

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