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Early Release: Jeff Vanderstelt, Mission, Identity & his Book “Saturate”

A few months back I had an awesome interview with one of my favorite writers, pastors and teachers, Jeff Vanderstelt. He and I had a great chat about his testimony, his journey of faith, living out the mission of God everyday and more specifically his newest book “Saturate.”

In light of the upcoming VERGE and Saturate conferences in Atlanta April 21-23, 2016, I thought it was more than fitting to release this conversation early, raw and unedited. The official podcast release will hit by this Friday April 22nd. But I am releasing the unedited version for my friends going with me to the conference and you guys. So, consider yourself in the “in crowd” of the Missional Man Podcast.


And don’t forget to go and buy Jeff’s book Saturate and now his latest release Saturate: Field Guide.

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