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Missional Man, Lifeway and 10 Great Leadership Podcasts!

Some of you may already have heard by now, but I was shocked and honored to be listed in a group of 10 great leadership podcasts according to Lifeway.

Leadership Podcasts You Might Not Know – Lifeway | Church Leaders, Barnabas Piper

Accolades and recognition aren’t everything, of course. But it’s nice for your hard work and creativity to be appreciated at least. Not only do I have a faithful tribe of listeners and subscribers in YOU, but I also have made it into the mainstream Christian spotlight. It’s humbling and exciting to be a part of. And I have YOU guys to thank and God for His grace to grow this podcast globally and nationally, to have interviewed some amazing guys and to talk about some powerful things.

In the list of 10 great leadership podcasts, there are 9 other amazing podcasts you’ll want to check out and subscribe too as well. Seriously, I am shocked to be listed among these shows and guys!

As always, I just pray that YOU guys leave each episode with my vision as reality:

  • Empowered with truth
  • Equipped with tools
  • Encouraged with stories for the mission


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