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Why a Podcast?

Why a digital radio show? Find out why podcasting makes my vision & mission unique.

6 Dangers of Practical Application, P...

I think we obsess about practical application. We over depend on it. Is it stunting our spiritual growth?

Ep#22: Dustin Willis, Send 2015 Debri...

Ep#22: Dustin Willis, Send 2015 Debrief

On this episode of the show, I chat with Dustin Willis about his story, ask him to debrief the Send 2015 conference, hear his passion and heart for the living out the gospel in everyday life on everyday mission for God and hear about the vision, mission and future of the NAMB and the Send Network. It’s an exciting chat and I know you’ll be encouraged to live on mission too!

Marriage Story: The Hardest & Mo...

Marriage, it ain’t easy. After all, stick two selfish, self-preserving people in a small confined space together, add in some stress, burdens, debt, busyness, oh and sprinkle in some kids dealing with their own challenges and selfishness and you get a recipe for chaos! The modern American household is a reality show that would put […]

Missional Man, Lifeway and 10 Great L...

Some of you may already have heard by now, but I was shocked and honored to be listed in a group of 10 great leadership podcasts according to Lifeway. Leadership Podcasts You Might Not Know – Lifeway | Church Leaders, Barnabas Piper Accolades and recognition aren’t everything, of course. But it’s nice for your hard […]

Ep#021: Per Holtze, Work/Life Balance

Ep#021: Per Holtze, Work/Life Balance

How do we navigate the work/life balance men often struggle with? How do we balance being faithful with our work and our family? Too many men live to work instead of working to live while they love their wives and kids. Per and I speak very frankly about the struggles of both and how to keep our eyes focused on what matters through it all. Enjoy!

Ashley Madison, Could’ve Been M...

But then I’m reminded of my own brokenness inside and my own propensity towards giving in to temptations of various kinds of sin. I know my heart. I know too well the heart of all mankind is to be led astray towards the alluring lies of lust and desire. So, instead of self-righteous anger and hypocritical condemning, I can only feel a deep sense of sadness for these people, their reputations, their families and marriages, their kids. And I feel a deep sense of humble relief: wow, it could have been me. My email could be on that list. Whew, how close was I to being dragged away and enticed by the sirens of destructive desire.

Ep#020: Family Worship, Blair Jarrard

Ep#020: Family Worship, Blair Jarrard

Family worship is intentional time with your family reading, praying, teaching and singing the Word of God. It’s not always a structured, formal formulaic approach to bible study. It often includes the organic, as-you-go lifestyle of busy families. It’s learning to be intentional with the time you do have as a dad and husband to live the life of Jesus to and in front of your family.

Summer, Sneak Peaks, Future Schedule ...

What’s been happening, what’s happening now and what’s next for the Missional Man Podcast? Find out why you still need to connected.

Stop, Stand, Soak, See

Standing does something. It’s like rising up for a call to action. A call to lift up and be ready. To get up and anticipate something. Soaking does the same. Slowing down to bask and enjoy. To take it ALL in.

Protected: Sneak Peak: Men, Sexuality...

Protected: Sneak Peak: Men, Sexuality, “Hearts of Men” film w/ Jason Pamer

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Words Create Identity

Language creates identity. Words form and shape who we are. This is one of the main reasons I think that words are so powerful: they either give life or death. Build up or tear down. You can see this in both the Bible and in daily life. God spoke in the beginning and created with […]

Ep#019: Henry Jasper, Men & Iden...

Ep#019: Henry Jasper, Men & Identity

What makes men tick? How do men think? How do we define ourselves? What things in our culture are we believing? How do we learn to find our identity in Jesus? How do we cultivate hearing the voice of Jesus and the lies we believe?

Ep#018: Barnabas Piper, Help My Unbel...

Ep#018: Barnabas Piper, Help My Unbelief

Doubt. Often considered a bad thing and even sin by Christians. However in Barnabas Piper’s new upcoming book (set to release July 1, 2015) “Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt is not the enemy of faith”, Piper challenges the status quo using life experience and a powerful parable of Jesus and one of the most popular phrases in the bible: “I believe, help my unbelief.” Prepare to be pleasantly surprised and enlightened to a new reality of doubt we’ve never been told before.

Ep#017: Erik Fisher, Identity & ...

Ep#017: Erik Fisher, Identity & Productivity

Erik and I discuss the fluidity of our identity and how we process and learn from it over time. We discuss the power of productivity and doing work that matters and how that affects how we view ourselves. I love Erik’s down-to-earth approach and his humility to admit he has not figured this out but is rather in a learning process. We talk about the increase in popularity in our culture with productivity, time-managing hacks, social media and time lost browsing and being hyper-connected in this digital age. I love Erik’s awareness of how time is spent, how to recognize the difference between quality work and quantity of work and his focus on time-management vs. time-measurement. How is my value or self-worth affected by the importance I put on both the content I create online and the response or lack of response to it (Facebook Likes, number of comments, amount of reTweets, number of followers, feedback, shares, etc.)?

Missional Minute #2: Coffee Shop Jesu...

Jesus is very often one among many topics merely discussed in coffee shops; even by Christians. But He was never meant to be reduced to coffee talk. He is a real Person who transforms and saves. He was meant to be known. Let’s stop merely discussing Jesus and get to know Him and let Him transform our lives!

Missional Minute #1: Friend of Sinner...

We’re too busy sometimes for an hour, even 30 minutes. But do you have 60 seconds for a thought, a word that will plunge you back into the massive ocean of the mission of God? Yes you do. Unbuckle. Get out of the car. And run!
#1: Friend of Sinners. Jesus’ popular, ironic title. Do you carry this title too?

Ep#016: Radford Harrell, Entrepreneur...

Ep#016: Radford Harrell, Entrepreneur Identity

How do we make sure our identity as entrepreneurs and business-minded men doesn’t come from what we do and how well we do it? How do we process the collision of the business and spiritual worlds? How do we navigate faith in a culture of wars and voices telling us who we are? How do we process success and failure? Where do we find true hope? Our identity is not in the creative work of our hands but in the hands of the Creator and His work on our behalf.

Ep#15: John Finch, Identity & Fa...

Ep#15: John Finch, Identity & Fatherlessness

John Finch and I discuss his new film “The Father Effect” on his personal “father wound” story, his unique struggle with forgiveness and identity and this epidemic of fatherlessness.

5 Uber Practical Ways To Have A More ...

Don’t waste your Summer! Instead of adding more activity to your already busy schedule, just be more intentional with what you’re already doing.

Vlog #001: New 2015 Summer SeriesR...

So it was only a matter of time, but my foundational launch series on “Identity Crisis” is coming to an end. With only 4-5 episodes left, it will end in May. I know, it’s sad. But all good things must come to an end. However, where one series ends another begins right? So…I’m pleased to […]