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Ep#15: John Finch, Identity & Fa...

Ep#15: John Finch, Identity & Fatherlessness

John Finch and I discuss his new film “The Father Effect” on his personal “father wound” story, his unique struggle with forgiveness and identity and this epidemic of fatherlessness.

5 Uber Practical Ways To Have A More ...

Don’t waste your Summer! Instead of adding more activity to your already busy schedule, just be more intentional with what you’re already doing.

Vlog #001: New 2015 Summer SeriesR...

So it was only a matter of time, but my foundational launch series on “Identity Crisis” is coming to an end. With only 4-5 episodes left, it will end in May. I know, it’s sad. But all good things must come to an end. However, where one series ends another begins right? So…I’m pleased to […]

Ep#14: K.C. Procter, Identity & ...

Ep#14: K.C. Procter, Identity & Being a Dad

Listen this week as K.C. and I discuss identity and being a dad. K.C. shares how identity is more complicated then we may realize or admit. Identity often makes up our background, gifting, environment into a jigsaw puzzle of identity. Our identity in Christ is at the root of who we are, but who we are and what we are called to do is an intricate part of our identity; especially as dads.

Ep#013: John Murchison, Identity ...

Ep#013: John Murchison, Identity & Discipling Kids

Discipling kids is so much more than just discipline, play or teaching. It also involves listening, learning, discovering and helping form their identity in God and not in their performance, achievements, desire to please others or attempts at perfection. If you work with kids, have kids or hope to have kids this interview with John Murchison is a must!

Ep#012: John Bohannon, Identity &...

Ep#012: John Bohannon, Identity & Legalism

My good friend John Bohannon and I have an exciting exchange about a legalistic identity: an identity defined and shaped by our obsession to our performance for Jesus rather than Jesus’ performance for us. Legalism flips God’s plan of grace on its head and reverses God’s design backwards, putting the focus on us and how well we do instead of focusing on Jesus work on our behalf. Grace sets us free to celebrate and enjoy the freedom we have in letting go of ourselves and grabbing hold of Jesus.

Ep#011: John Onwuchekwa, Identity For...

Ep#011: John Onwuchekwa, Identity Formation & Theological Training

Listen this week as John and I discuss identity and theological training. What is the purpose and function of theological training and knowledge? I based this interview with John and topic on his video entitled “Identity Formation”. In that video, John “shares his burden for theological training with the goal of identity formation rather than information transfer.” We talk about the implications of identity formation and how they relate to discipleship, the church, the mission, identity crisis, modern American Christianity today and the importance of friends who hold us accountable to our beliefs.

Ep#010: Rob Wilkerson, Grace Identity

Ep#010: Rob Wilkerson, Grace Identity

Listen this week as my good friend Rob Wilkerson & I discuss finding your identity in the unconditional love and grace of God rather than our performance. Rob has a unique ability of being acutely aware of himself, and he communicates in a clear and transparent way his unique story of identity. I know you’ll be empowered, equipped and encouraged for the mission!

Ep#009: Identity Intermission

Ep#009: Identity Intermission

Join me as I take a brief pause from my identity series to thank you my listener, share a big milestone, give some shoutous, recap some highlights, revisit the “why?” of this identity series and forecast some exciting things for the near future!

Ep#008: Mark Tanner, Identity & ...

Ep#008: Mark Tanner, Identity & Church Planting

How does church planting affect and shape your identity? I interview my good buddy Mark Tanner on his experience with two church plants and the beautiful mess it involves. A real, honest chat about the good, bad and ugly of church planting. How it affects your identity, ministry, security, marriage, parenting and the mission.

Ep#007: Dhati Lewis, Identity & ...

Ep#007: Dhati Lewis, Identity & Urban Mission

In this episode, I interview Dhati Lewis. I love Dhati’s heart and vision for the church and the mission; especially his passion for living the Gospel out in an urban context. Dhati moved from Dention, TX to Atlanta with his family and 40 other people to plant Blueprint Church of Atlanta. He believes deeply that the local church is the visible expression of the Gospel in our culture. Dhati and I plumb the depths of identity crisis of men and the church, diversity and unity, urbanization and gentrification, neighborhood missiology, differences and similarities between rural and urban mission and biblical hospitality. I know you’ll be greatly empowered, equipped and encouraged by Dhati’s unique story and inspiring passion for the church, the mission and the city.

Ep#006: Barnabas Piper, Identity ...

In this episode, I interview Barnabas Piper. Barnabas and I have a lot in common which helps aid the engagement of our discussion: both husbands of 10 years, dads of two girls, Millenials and now podcasters. Barnabas brings a transparent, honest look at his own identity discovery story and shares his personal, unique experience growing up as a pastor’s kid. We discuss how that shaped and informed his identity and how he discovered that his true identity actually comes from Jesus and not his parents’ faith. We also discuss the ins and outs of his book, “The Pastor’s Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity”. I know you’ll be empowered, equipped and encouraged by his refreshing story and heart.

3 Reasons People Fall Into False Iden...

In my recent interview with my good friend Mark Waters (just went LIVE today), he shared something very enlightening with me. It was so good, I had to share it again. He said as a survival mechanism he typically found his identity from the following 3 things: What you have. What you can do or […]

Ep#005: True and False Identity, Mark...

Ep#005: True and False Identity, Mark Waters

Mark and I have been good friends for almost a decade. Through that time, he and I have experienced tough seasons in our marriage, parenting, finances, jobs, sin struggles and in our own personal identity discovery. I know you’ll enjoy our conversation as you sit in like a fly-on-the-wall and hear Mark’s unique story of faith and fight. This conversation was very enlightening and real. We discuss personal struggles, manhood, culture, fathering and how it all relates to finding your identity in Jesus and not in what you do, have or what others think. Enjoy and be encouraged and challenged!

Episode #004: Missional Identity, Cae...

Episode #004: Missional Identity, Caesar Kalinowski

Caesar Kalinowski and I talk about how keeping our eyes focused on the mission God has called us to helps us find our identity in what truly shapes and defines us: God Himself! We explore the tendencies of every Christian to be shaped by things we do instead of what God has done, by programs instead of the person of Jesus. We are the church, not we go to church. It’s an emphasis on being instead of doing. The being then informs what and why we do what we do. Listen in and be empowered, equipped and encouraged to find your identity in the missionary God so you can live more intentionally on mission. This conversation was very encouraging and enlightening. There’s a lot of one-liners to pull out from Caesar. He has a wonderful story, refreshing perspective and an exciting call to return to who we are in Christ. Enjoy!

Episode #003: Identity and Treasure, ...

Episode #003: Identity and Treasure, Chris Fowler

My good friend and pastor, Chris Fowler and I plumb the depths of what we treasure and how that affects and shapes our identity. As Jesus said, “where your treasure is there you’ll heart shall be also.” Listen in as Chris shares his personal story about his upbringing and life. Chris and I connect the dots between what men treasure and worship and how it shapes who we truly are. “We become what we worship.”

Episode #002: Identity and Longing, D...

Episode #002: Identity and Longing, Dan Pratt

Summary & Intro Dan Pratt – Christ-follower, Husband of 25 years, Dad of 3 kids (2 sons, 1 daughter), Youth Pastor for 23 years, All-around-crazy-fun-silly-guy who loves Jesus and people. Hails from Canton, Michigan (Detroit-metro area).  

Episode#000: Introduction, Jonathan C...

Episode#000: Introduction, Jonathan Chambers

My Story, Vision, Mission and Style On this very first episode of the Missional Man Podcast, I do an introduction to help share my story, cast my vision and mission, my style and approach, topics and guests I’ll have, explain my interview flow and what to expect, reveal my unique action round plan and invite […]

Episode #001: Identity Crisis, Michae...

Episode #001: Identity Crisis, Michael D. Perkins

Michael’s interview on Identity Crisis with his good friend K.C. Procter of the Dad Life Rules Podcast. This interview is the primer to what inspired me to talk to Michael to. Michael and K.C. have a great rapport together and their conversation adds some different elements to mine and Michael’s conversation.