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Ep#027: Rob Wilkerson, Done with Church Not with Jesus Pt 2 of 4

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Summary & Intro

rob wilkerson

Rob Wilkerson – Christ-follower, Grace-lover, husband (22 years), dad of 4 teens (3 sons, 1 daughter), frequent wrestler of kids (his own), blogger, thinker, working as an office manager/bivo unofficial pastor (oh that’s a thing baby) in an Atlanta tech software company, swiss-army knife of skills, church leadership/pastor for 26 years, entrepreneur at heart, passionate about how the business world and kingdom of God complement each other, idea guy and lover of all things Nacho Libre and Napolean Dynamite.

Part Two – Recap & Synopsis

In Part 1 Rob and I hit on a nerve with listeners and broke records in downloads. More downloads in 7 days than any other episode has received in 1 year! Wow!

Part 2 continues Rob’s story giving more details and personal context for why he’s Done.

Rob and I discuss money, the church, structures, systems, what motivates people, giving, tithes, mission, the “dones” from the Pew Research study and more. In part 2, you’ll hear more of Rob’s personal story and listen for a shocking and surprising end with an unexpected twist and turn. Enjoy!

*The following downloadable document contains the questions I used to prepare Rob and I for a smooth and organic flow of dialogue. I hope it helps you as a roadmap for our chat and a way to go back and see where we were going. Enjoy it. Share it.

Show Notes


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Relevant Resources on this Topic

Josh Packard’s book: Church Refugees

Rob and Josh Packard Interview

R.T. Kendall – Total Forgiveness

Recent Pew Research Study on the Dones and Nones from 2015

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