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Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Jesus wants us to master finishing, and finishing well.
Carpenters, like Jesus, know well what it means to finish a project.  He’ll tell you the joy that comes in finishing a project he starts. The challenge of finishing overwhelms anyone to be attracted to the sexy appeal of starting something new. My dad is a carpenter by hobby and skill.
But it seems from scripture there is a theme from Jesus and Paul and James of finishing, doing, applying. But we live in a culture where being a self-starter is sexy. Startups and church planting and multiplying and duplicating and rebranding and launching and more.

Don’t misunderstand you will never finish if you never start.

But….once you start you must finish or the starting is in vain.

Anyone can start. Only the faithful, the resilient, the marathon runners, the Wilberforce-like people know how to keep running till they cross the finish line.

Starting is good.

Finishing is great.

Jesus proves this with what are in my opinion the most desired words a follower of His wants to hear: “well done good and faithful servant.”

Not well begun. Well tried. Well started. Well launched. Well done.




Next time you’re eager to start something new, look back and consider finishing what you’ve already started!

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