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Stop, Stand, Soak, See

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I go. Constantly. Going.

I sit, a lot. For work, for rest, for driving, for leisure, for storytime, for meals.

I live life in the fast lane. I don’t take time to even process what’s going on around me very often. I work fast, rest fast, play fast and even eat fast. My wife has often joked that I eat so fast I don’t let my mouth have enough time to taste the food before it’s kicking and screaming down my throat into my stomach. Time to chew. Time to taste every flavor. To savor each bite. The sunset to me is a rush to finish more work and hurry up dinner and get bedtime routines started. I need time to slow down, soak it in, bask, enjoy, eat it up.

They say take 2 minutes every 20 minutes to look away from your computer screen. It gives your eyes rest and refreshes your eyesight and your ability to have depth perspective back into reality. When you look 2 feet away into a digital world all day, it does something to your eyes and your soul. I need time to look away. Out the window at the real world. At the birds on my bird feeder. The hustle and bustle of nature and animals living life with little to no care. Time to truly look around and “see” my world around me. Looking is one thing, “seeing” clearly is another. I look around a lot. I need to “see”.

Time to stand, soak and see. Standing does something. It’s like rising up for a call to action. A call to lift up and be ready. To get up and anticipate something. Soaking does the same. Slowing down to bask and enjoy.  To take it ALL in. Every seeming insignificant detail. Like standing at the edge of a cliff with a panoramic view. You can barely take it all in. You don’t sit down, you STAND! And you don’t just look, you are able to SEE. See life, nature, raw reality. To see clearly, openly, truly and beautifully.

Breathe in the slowness. The calmness. The peace of stopping, standing, soaking and seeing.

When will you? Where? How? And with who? I can’t wait for the next sunset.

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