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Summer, Sneak Peaks, Future Schedule and More…

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Hey Guys!

Wow, it’s been a crazy busy Summer for me and my family. We’ve travelled, vacationed and filled up our schedule with visits, birthdays, destinations and more. Now, school is back in for my girls (at home) and it’s back to the grind of work, ministry and side hustles all for the mission!

In this short post I wanted to take a minute and update you on some recent developments in both my personal life and for the podcast; share some exciting sneak peaks in the works for the show; and tell you about some shifts in the future schedule of the podcast.

To my faithful listeners, I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t produced a new episode since July 2nd, Episode #19: Henry Jasper, Men & Identity. I am so grateful for your patience and for you sticking around with me. Below you’ll see why the show has slowed down a bit, future plans for how it will continue in light of that and upcoming developments that I’m excited about.

Saying Thanks and Spreading Thanks

First of all, I am so thankful for each and every one of you listeners and faithful fans! You have subscribed to the Missional Man Podcast, downloaded it to your pc or device, listened to multiple episodes and been kind enough to leave me feedback. You guys are the reason I keep going. Knowing you’re being changed and transformed by the show, the guests and the Action Rounds at the end are what motivate me to press on.

If you have not yet taken 1 minute to Rate and Review me in iTunes or Stitcher Radio, please do that now. Doing so not only gives me honest feedback about the show but makes the Missional Man Podcast more accessible to more men like yourself. The more men hear and see the show, the more guys like you and I can also be empowered, equipped and encouraged for the mission. So again I thank you. Now, pass it on to others so they can be blessed too.

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New Part-Time Job & Future Schedule

Second, I recently accepted a very exciting part-time ministry staff position with my local church family. It will no doubt be both demanding and rewarding. It will require more of my time. But wait, don’t worry. The show must go on. I can’t not continue the podcast. I love doing it, I love my guests, the topics we discuss, hearing from you and being personally transformed by our conversations. I hope you do too. So what this means is that my original schedule of one new episode per week will have to slow down. Again, as you can tell it has since July 2nd. I had to take a break due to a busy Summer I wasn’t quite ready for. Now that school is back in and I am buckling in to a busy fall, a new part-time job and new activities with the family and church, I feel it’s best to adapt the schedule of the podcast too.

Here’s what that will most likely look like:

From now through the end of 2015 (August 17 – Dec. 31, 2015) I will release 1-2 episodes per month. I know that’s not ideal, believe me. As much content and podcasts as I consume, 1-2/month seems like so little. But it will actually free me up to offer even better content, more guests, better quality shows and more depth. It will also allow me to blog and write more often. Which will allow me to connect with each of you more often, have more time to begin work on some things that I’m excited about for the future. Shhh, it’s a secret, you’ll have to stay tuned!

Mixed in with those 1-2 episodes a month will be other random episodes and interviews that I’ll do that aren’t linked to a series but more stand-alone content. All working towards quality over quantity.

6 Month Recap (Jan. 31 – July 31)

Woohoo, 6 months already. Half a year of podcasting under my belt. And I still feel new at it. Here’s the last 6 months by the numbers for those curious:

19 episodes

1 Series on Identity Crisis

17 guests

Almost 2k downloads! (1,956 as of today)

Average download per episode: 103

24 countries (Top 10: U.S., Australia, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, U.K., Norway, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Canada)

Top 10 Episodes (by total downloads)

  1. 143 – Ep#004: Missional Identity, Caesar Kalinowski
  2. 120 – Ep#003: Identity & Treasure, Chris Fowler
  3. 115  – Ep#011: John Onwuchekwa, Identity Formation & Theological Training
  4. 114 –  Ep#010: Rob Wilkerson, Grace Identity
  5. 100 – Ep#001: Identity Crisis, Michael D. Perkins
  6. 98 –  Ep#006: Barnabas Piper, Identity & Being Pastor’s Kid
  7. 94 –  Missional Minute #01: Friend of Sinners
  8. 93 –  Ep#016: Radford Harrell, Entrepreneur Identity
  9. 92 –  Ep#014: K.C. Procter, Identity & Being a Dad
  10. 90 –  Ep#002: Identity & Longing, Dan Pratt

Sneak Peaks

Okay so the real reason you wanted to read this post, right? It’s okay, I’m the same way.

First, here are some upcoming series, guests and topics that are going to release soon:

  • A Conversation on LGBTQ w/ Rob Wilkerson, Part 1 & 2
  • Lust, Sexuality and Hearts of Men: Jason Pamer (Hearts of Men film 2016)
  • Identity, Race & Reconciliation w/ Dr. Jarvis Williams (NT Professor @ Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY)
  • Sexuality and Identity
  • What is Family Worship? w/ Blair Jarrard
  • Work/Life Balance w/ Per Holtze
  • Movies, Art, Story and Mission w/ Rob Wilkerson
  • Art of Storytelling Series
    • The Church, Story, Mission and “Saturate” w/ Jeff Vanderstelt
    • Storytelling on Mission w/ Caesar Kalinowski
    • Art of Storytelling w/ StoryTeam from Austin Stone Church
    • Art, Culture and Story w/ Sho Baraka
    • Hip Hop, Poetry and Story w/ Beautiful Eulogy
    • Hip Hop, Testimonies and Story w/ Testimony Stories Podcast
  • Unboxing Christianity Series (Winter 2016) – This will be a more organic, ongoing series tackling out-of-the-box topics facing the church and Christianity today such as the Dones, Nones, house church, hot topics like gay marriage, alcohol, marijuana, politics, medicare, adoption, abortion and more.
  • Fatherhood Series (Spring 2016)

You may have noticed (above) that my 7th most popular episode so far is one in a series of future episodes called “Missional Minute”. My vision behind these is exactly what the title says: one minute (literally 60 second) inspiring you towards living a more missional life. There will be more to come of these. I release them as they come to me in a very organic way. Some months may have none while others may have 5 or 6.

Shift in Thinking & Doing

You can probably already tell from my podcast and interviews that my style is different and evolving over time. The way I interview has changed and morphed in just 19 episodes. That’s a good thing actually. It proves I’m continuing to grow in my relationship with Jesus and with other people. And I’m learning more about the art of interviewing, conversation and podcasting overall. It’s sanctification at its core; which is a process.

So I’ve been going through some pretty significant shifts in thinking which will lead to similar shifts in doing. One shift will mean my interviews will shorten some from an hour or more down to 45 minutes. And from there they may continue to shorten in length. Not because an hour is wrong, but to better serve you my listener and to let the flow of the conversation match the rhythms of our normal, busy lives. In the future, if an episode requires a longer time, I’ll most likely shorten it into 2 or more parts.

My thinking has also shifted as it concerns my style and depth of conversation. I desire to have conversations that reflect more normal life talks and less like formal interviews. More fireside chats and coffee table conversations. Does this mean I won’t prepare at all or ask questions? No, not at all. Preparation is key. What it does mean is I’ll allow for more natural flow and spontaneity in my chats. I’ll still ask questions, but it will feel more like a conversation you’re listening in on and invited into.

What’s Next?

I want to hear from you. Seriously, I really do. Not just a rating on iTunes or a review. Sure that’s always nice. But more importantly, I want YOUR opinion. I want YOUR ideas. I want YOUR honest input. I really do value what you think. Below are the best ways to do this. In the meantime, I plan on sharing your input with everyone on future episodes. First of all it’s cool to hear your name and thoughts mentioned on a podcast. But second to prove to you I care about you and want to share it in a vulnerable way with everyone; no matter if your input is positive, negative, encouraging or more constructive criticism. I welcome it all.

How to Leave Me Feedback:

Email – missionalmanpodcast AT gmail DOT com

Online VoiceMail (I prefer this method as it allows me to share your voice on a future episode) – SpeakPipe

Facebook – Missional Man Podcast

Twitter – @iammissional

Personal Cell Phone – Yes I’ll give it to you for real. But first, email me.

Support the Show

Of course leaving a rating, review or email are always helpful. The best way you can support me is to pray for me and encourage me. But you can also support me through monthly or per episode support online. Visit my Patreon page and learn how you can become an official partner, sponsor of the show. For only the cost of a cup of coffee per show, you can sponsor and support the vision behind the Missional Man Podcast.

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Until next time, stay empowered, equipped and encouraged for the mission!


Jonathan Chambers

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